T-minus 29 days until the end

The end of the blogging challenge. Not the world. Though, who knows. That is a long time for some weird alien stuff to happen.

For example, our pancake supply could end. That’s when the hell will be unleashed. Can you imagine being that poor soul who would need to convey this message to hungry aliens?

“Umm, excuse me, we can’t make pancakes anymore.” And then proceed to explain the current situation on the planet.

That’s it. We are doomed. Pancakes were the only thing that kept this planet safe. Now we would be put for a sale. That’s the best situation.

They could wipe us clean. Let the planet to recover. Few million years? Sure. No problem. Lush paradise once again. And then sell it for a higher price.

Maybe they would be so hangry that planet would be destroyed. That’s the end for everyone.

So yeah. We better take care of this planet. We better cook delicious pancakes. There is no telling who is eating them. Once pancakes are gone we toast.

A burned, burned toast. One that leaves bad taste in the mouth.