The amount of information out there is too damn high

That is a long title. It is true, though. We live between wanting to know everything and fomo (fear of missing out). Not to mention that we have no idea which information is true.

It is in our power to choose what we want to believe. With this power we can also deny the knowledge. Earth is flat and moon landing was fake, fight me.

The easiest way to convince yourself is to see with your own eyes. A little fun fact, we don’t see with our eyes. We see with our brains. Eyes, indeed, are windows to the reality.

Also mind doesn’t know what is real.

With all the information out there we can/will become lost. Every day people create information more than we are able to consume in a lifetime. It is information overload.

To sift through it all takes a buttload of time. And even then, you have barely touched 1% of what is out there. 1% being overly generous.

The time has come to rally against the information.

Just kidding. However, we must be really selective of what we want to consume. That means cutting all the fat. All that, which is unnecessary to your current life. If it means cutting out funny cat videos, I am truly sorry, but do it.

To know what to cut out and what to consume you must monitor yourself and your consumption habits.

As you consume information, ask yourself, Why am I consuming (reading, watching, listening) this? Will it contribute to my goals? Is there something I need? Will I use it later (not ten years from now)?

Questioning your actions can be eye opening.

Of course I am not telling you to cut out all the entertainment. It is good for soul, you know. In appropriate proportions.

The goal of questioning yourself is to become aware of what and why you are consuming something. Is it because it is interesting? Entertaining? You want learn from that information? You want to use that information?

One good thing of buttload information is repetition. A single piece of information is conveyed in a myriad of ways. You can choose from which source you want to consume this information. The trick is to find the right source. Not everyone speaks our language. Oh, by the way, you don’t necessarily need to choose a living human either.

There is a reason why many teachings have endured thousands of years. They still make sense in this day and age. And they speak or are written in a language you understand. What if they speak the same language because it is you who wrote them. You are the reincarnation of these teachers and philosophers. Mind Blow.

Anyway, in this day and age a selective consumption is pretty much a requirement. It matters with what you feed your brain.

Be in control of your consumption habits and conquer the world.