The curse of Everything

To. Put. Every. Single. Idea. In. One. World.

Once upon a time I made a list with things I’d like to see in my world. In it I wrote gazillion ideas I liked. Magical pen stopped only when my hand became numb. It was a huge list.

And it got only worse as I met traveling merchants. “Take this inspiration. It costs nothing,” they said. Like enchanted I took everything they gave me, thinking that it will look great in my world. I was wrong.

My list grew longer and longer. It was a curse. At once I snapped out of this magical enchantment screaming, “Nooooo.” It was enough. I grabbed the floating candle and burned the list.

Engulfed in flames the list unleashed twin demons, Disorder and Anxiety. Laughing, they danced around me. Promised secrets. Unspoken truths. I kicked at them. They jumped sideways, singing inspirational songs. Uncontrolled my hand grabbed the magical pen. Words burst out of the pen. I cried for demons to stop. They just giggled.

When demons got tired they went to sleep, and pen fell out of my trembling hand. Without looking at the new list I rushed out of the cabin.

Years passed.

Not knowing why, once again I stood in the front of my old friend, the cabin. Wind howled biting my nose. Shuddering I opened the door. Light guided my eyes. Cabin was thrashed. Claw marks on the walls showed desperation. Fear. Two demonic skeletons lay before cold hearth. Doors, wailing, closed.

Quickly I gathered bones. Dropped them in the hearth. Conjured a fire from my fingertips. Guided it in the hearth. Blue flame engulfed the crying bones warming the cabin. Pen lay on the ground still rotting. I kicked it in the hearth too. Nothing else was left in the cabin.

Out of my right pocket I pulled out a yellowish rice paper. In my left pocket I searched for a quill. I drew a simple table with a simple chair. Touched the drawing. Whispered a single word and stepped back holding my breath. Paper sheet wiggled its ears. Table and chair grew out of it like a tree reaching for the sun. I exhaled.

Before I sat down I prepared another paper sheet.

I knew I was older, and yet previous failure was still fresh in my mind. Through my travels I had collected new inspirations, new ideas. Within my mind’s eye I pulled everything in one pile and closed my eyes. Time swayed back and forth. One by one I held inspirations in my palm. Examined them. Put them aside. On paper I wrote words. Crossed them. Wrote different words until a small list waved at me. It called itself a Core. Yes. At last the curse of Everything was lifted.

After a good nights rest I took the Core, shrunk my good friend Cabin and left on new adventures.

The end

A penny for your thoughts