The false world

Illusion of the truth. It really depends on how you see this world we live in. How real is this world to you? Most importantly, how do you know this world is real?

Can we even prove the realness of this world? I read somewhere that we are not discovering things. We are creating them. Our thought is so focused that it materializes in this reality. For example, the ancient bones we find. What if they didn’t exist prior discovery? They materialized seconds before they were found. Reality gave it to us because we desired it. Our thought created a blueprint, and reality simply printed it. Advanced 3d printing.

All day long we are overwhelmed with our thoughts. It’s a storm inside our heads. We are confused, and so is reality. Do you even acknowledge that reality is an entity of its own? I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing on most people to-do lists. It’s almost like a sin to stop and silence the thought storm.

Did you know that not everyone thinks the same way? I’m not talking about concepts and ideas. For now I’ve read about three types of thinking modes. Internal vocalization, Thinking in images, Thinking in abstract concepts. There was time when people were thinking in black and white. Deaf people think in sign language (other people who know sign language does it too). I would guess that thinking in sounds is also a thing. It’s fascinating.

Are these thoughts real? Everyone has them. And they go all over the place. Scattered in every direction. Reality sees them and reflects them back at you. I’m not sure, yet, how this relationship with reality works. So it’s more of a speculation. But I know that thought is a medium. Reality is neutral, and we need learn to listen and trust it. And it might be in higher position then spirit guides. So if we learn to listen and trust reality, maybe spirit guides can take a vacation?

But that’s the thing. We are too busy to listen. Too busy to slow down. We are rushing to achieve meaningless things. That includes chasing the meaning of life. Look at it this way. One is driven to have a prestige career. Earn lots of money. Retire early and whatnot. It would take thirty, forty years of hard work (just a guess)? If you began at the age of twenty, you are ready to retire at fifty or sixty. Then you die.

Other is driven to find the meaning of life. Sits in books all day. Studies old texts. Visits teachers an gurus. Meditates for long periods of time. Spends all life in this pursuit. And right before death the meaning of life becomes clear, and you die smiling.

Both lives are acceptable, and both are delusional. Have you had moments in your life where you’ve forgotten that you will die? Despite seeing others around you die. They die, but not me. What is death anyway? It’s so far in the future. A little reminder. Future does not exist. So whenever you’ll die it will be in the present moment. It’s all we have.

When we die, where do we go? Theories are many. One spiritual guy was asked, what happens when we die? He answered, I don’t know, I haven’t died yet. I like it. It’s simple. It has a feeling of acceptance of death, but not delving on it.

As I write I remember stuff, but most of the time I have no idea where they come from. I apologize for that. That’s a side effect of too much reading. Not a bad one, I must add. That’s also fascinating. Only through writing I’m understanding how much information I have absorbed. We actually remember everything. It’s just a question of organizing and accessing this information. And now I must tell you that brain is quite limited with information storage. The real thing is your whole body. That’s where all information is stored.

If this world isn’t real, why are we so absorbed in it? We are meant to be absorbed in it. Otherwise it would be quite boring. That’s how simulations work. Wouldn’t it be crazy. Some fat and greasy tech guy in his dirty room created a simulation where inhabitants create their own reality. We are version 5.0 that crashed within five minutes. We just don’t know it yet.

A penny for your thoughts