The game of following

This is a serious cry for education in twitter land.

I slowly reached 100 followers. It only took approximately two weeks. Two weeks of consistent content every single day. Consistency is a King (I read it somewhere… from GaryVee probably). In this time I saw some accounts reach 1000 followers in a day. I saw people being so excited about reaching their follower goals. So thankful. So happy. I saw people asking for help to reach their follower goals. I saw tweets where people followed each other to those who liked and replied. I saw people wondering why there are still “writers” with less then 2000 followers. Go follow him and her, go follow everyone. I also read tweets/discussions about following/followers. “I follow everyone who follows me”, “I follow every writer, then I weed out those who don’t follow back”, “Big following/follower ratio is bad/unacceptable, unless you are Stephen King”. There are hundreds of gems like these.

Do you want know what else I saw? Those who had thousands and thousands of followers had less then 1% of interaction with their content. It’s mind boggling. All these followers but no one is liking or retweeting your content. I wonder, why?


In these two weeks I just rolled my eyes and piled questions on questions. I even googled about twitter etiquette (no joke). These are just few questions from that pile:

Why you people are so focused on numbers?

Why do you blindly follow others?

When you are so happy about “connecting with wonderful people” do you actually speak with them or “connecting” ends at a meaningless following back?

Do you follow because you actually like their content or you follow with a hope they will follow back?

Why is following back so important?

Why is following to thousands of people so important? I can’t even imagine their feeds.

So why do I have only 100 followers? I’m actually waiting for this number to drop. Quite a lot of people unfollowed me during this time too. Why? I am 99% confident, because I did not follow them back. Why would I? Educate me people…

I found out that I’m a picky oddball when it comes to following. I follow only those whose content I genuinely like. If I see you in my feed constantly and if I like most of the tweets I read from you I will follow you. And I have zero expectations for you to follow me back. Zero. From the people who follow me I want the same. I want you to follow me only if you like that stuff that is coming out of my head. Why else would you follow me or others? I also don’t want you to follow me just because I followed you or liked one of your tweets. This is crazy to be honest. If I liked your tweet why do you feel obliged to follow me? I’m pretty sure these people doesn’t even check content of those whom they follow in this way. If someone follows me without interacting with my content, I’ll just roll my eyes and ask, Why?

Guess what?

I will not follow instantly back to people. I’m grateful to those who follow me (for the right reasons) and I’m pleasantly surprised that there are people who like my content. But please don’t expect me to follow back. If you interact with my content or me that is another story. If you like or retweet my tweets ridiculously often, I might feel guilty about not following you….Shhh….don’t tell it to anyone. And please don’t ask me to follow back, it’s silly.

Thanking in a DM is a thing I find polite and I will do it to every single person. Once again you are not obliged to respond.

What else I will not do? I will not follow people blindly. Follow Fridays are great. But I will not go on rampage, following thousands of people. If in time I’ll follow thousands of people then it’s because I really like them. I also don’t see a point of following to everyone who is liking your content. They like it, be happy about it.

There is something I need to practice. Communication. I don’t know where to start or where to stop. What is too much or too little. I see different replies, from one emoji to a paragraph of text. I have no idea what is appropriate. Any help with this one?

One hundred people is a small house party or a big boss raid. One hundred amazing people are interested in my mind…prose, I meant prose. Thank you.

Now I’ll sip my water and watch my follower count decrease.

A little update:

There are 161 people now who like my content. Thank you very, very much. I really appreciate that.

A penny for your thoughts