The GrooveyD Part 10

The last part. If this will come back then as something else.

Wrote it. Scheduled it to 6pm in my time. Not sure yet if it will work. I wanted to take a break. Can’t be chill. So I’m writing a post.

Writing it was challenging. The challenging part was to weave these different stories in one. It is also a new thing for my brains so my neurons are not fired up yet. Is it noticeable that I’ve been reading a neuroscience book? In future I see it to be much easier.

It’s really not that hard. One thing I’ll need to change is to read posts throughout the week. To read some twenty posts in one sitting is harsh. Had to take few breaks. And then to pull out the core message. Quite taxing to brain, actually.

For the next week I’ll try to read in small chunks and take some notes.

This one ended up with an intro, two small stories, a list of five posts, and outro. I tried to juggle different ideas. Over the time my style with settle down. There is plenty of room to experiment.

Quote images are easy to make. Might experiment with them too. For Instagram and pinterest. I’m making them in Gimp. I have a feeling that photoshop has better control over text. Another option would be to make it in Scribus. I’ll need to try that one.

Since my newsletter is pretty simple it didn’t took much time to make it in Convertkit. I copied text in parts from my OpenOffice Writer, and fixed some spacing issues in Convertkit. Oh yeah, I had to make a quote image. Overall time 30 min. To be honest I didn’t looked at the time. Still, process is simple.

If done right it shouldn’t take more then 15 min. I still need to play around with snippets to see if they can shorten the time.

I made a thingy for Instagram too. Deleted all the sucky pictures and uploaded a quote image with short copy about my absence and GrooveyD.

Now would be great time to lean into marketing stuff. I bet you ten Donald Duck’s that next Wednesday will be here in seconds. And the next. And the next. Then GrooveyD will become a habit and a routine (just like daily post writing). I’m already thinking how to automate it. Virtual Assistants is a thing (for research).

Right. I got stuck in overthinking. Analysis paralysis. Thus I did a nap. It is interesting. From all these posts the right ones kinda popped out.

Hold on. It is 6pm.

Alright. I can breathe now. Scheduling worked. How do I know that? I subscribed to my own newsletter. That’s a little tip for ya.

Another tip. I’m in a GMT+2 time zone. Convertkit apparently is in EDT time zone. So 6pm here is 12pm there. I had to do math. Damn you Convertkit. It worked, it worked. Yes.

Reading it for a who-knows-which-time it is not so bad. For the very first newsletter. From now on it can get only better. In no time we will find GrooveyD’s soul. That funky and motivational one.

I did it. It’s cool. I’m cool. My two readers are cool. Huzzah!

By the way, I found out where I got ‘Huzzah’ from. It is from Brandon Sanderson. You are welcome.

Almost forgot.

SIGN UP TO GrooveyD.