The GrooveyD Part 3

Sing with me. Landing page day is a fail. At least up to this moment. As I’m writing this post.

Aren’t these posts becoming like reports? I hope you don’t mind.

Yesterday I mentioned Mailchimp. How I will use their surveys. Today I ditched Mailchimp. Changed to Convertkit.

Can you believe it? Mailchimp sucked the soul out of the free plan. Once you could create many lists. They call them ‘audience’. Now you are limited to only one. I need at least three. That was a real stab in my butt. How could they. Free plan is still useful if you are fine with only one list. I was fine with only one list until today. Not anymore.

So I moved to Convertkit. As I understand their lists are ‘tags’. Without limit. Much better. Good thing they have a free plan now. It is a recent addition. Of course it is limited. For my need it will serve well. That at least is my hope.

Today I kinda wanted to make that ‘Waiting List’ landing page. Of course I got sucked into a vortex. Spent half a day learning about Convertkit. They have much different vibe than Mailchimp. Much more friendly. Of what I can access, I’ll say that I like them. For the juicy stuff you must pay. No surprise there.

With free plan I can grow audience up to 1k. For beginning I think that will be good enough. It’s not like my newsletter will blow up. Maybe I should ask to be gentle with subscribing? No more then 900 people. Pretty please. With their affiliate program you can get +100 people up to another 1k. And 30% commission. Might be able to do something with it.

As for landing pages. I wanted to be chill and use their templates. To make it easier. Faster. I found them quite annoying. Too limiting for my taste.

While the morning sun was rising I wrote a nice copy for my landing page. I think I did pretty well. It’s already super short, but it doesn’t fit with Convertkit’s templates. Not the text length. It’s the design in my head that doesn’t fit. Their templates are quite locked in. I don’t know if it’s a free plan thing, or general. I have nothing to compare with.

The thing is, with their templates I can’t create what I have in my head. It also seems they don’t have option to create landing pages from scratch. Annoying. And it doesn’t end here.

I did a quick mockup on my own website. From Convertkit I took embed sign up form only. It didn’t copy changes I made. Again, I don’t know if it is a free plan thing or general, or my incompetence. Hey, it’s a new toy. I’m allowed not to know how it works.

Yeah. As a landing page day it is a fail. Otherwise I learned few new things. Found a new home for email marketing stuff. Made a new email too. Now I have three emails under Should I tell you? Not like it is a secret. It could be a fun story. Listen to this.

First email I made was [email protected] I was completely confident I will use Raijori as my main name. Well, I used it too. For newsletters. In the first emails I signed as Raijori. Pretty cool, huh?

Second email was [email protected] It was like admin email. It was meant for people that contacted me through contact form. I found this idea on Crazy cool, huh?

Third email. The one I made today, was meant for GrooveyD, [email protected] I looked at different newsletters to see what kind of emails they used. It’s pretty much a website name and their own name. Or their newsletter name. Some used ‘help’ or ‘support’.

Choosing my own name made more sense. Since newsletter’s full name is ‘Artie’s GrooveyD’. And I’m the curator. As I said before, using ‘Artie’ makes more sense than using ‘Raijori’. The best option would be to have [email protected], but that will come later when GrooveyD will be on its own domain. It actually doesn’t look bad. Damn. Someday it will look like that.

Having ‘Artie’ in front makes it more human too. ‘Help’ or ‘support’ creates distance. A colder feeling.

What I like at Convertkit is that they allow to have multiple names for sending. I assume that when you make a newsletter you will be able to choose which one to use. That is pretty neat.

Sing again. Landing page day is a fail. I’ll make it work anyway. Might change copy a little bit to fit in their templates. I want to try how they work. Plus I feel lazy to make my own. There is plenty of work still left.

I’m already thinking what my next project will be. Sigh.

A penny for your thoughts