The lost moon

I lost the moon. There should’ve been a New Moon, but moon has disappeared. It could be below the horizon.

I’ve never tracked how it moves. Tried to visualize how the planet is rotating. I apparently need more reference points. It is fascinating. Planet is moving and rotating, and we don’t feel it. We might be sideways and we don’t know it. Magic.

Reading Krishnamurti feels like he goes in the room. Sits. Someone asks a question. Krishnamurti doesn’t know the answer (or pretends he doesn’t know it). Then he begins to talk with an intention to find the answer. Lo and behold, the answer is there. It’s pretty cool.

In a way that is what’s happening in my posts too. I’m searching for the answers within me. Are they correct? At this moment they are. If I’ll learn a better answer, I’ll have a better answer. It’s possible that after a year my thoughts will be changed about a thing or two. I don’t know which one.

Have you lost your thoughts? It’s quite easy to do. Focus on something you would like to keep in mind. Hey, look….shiny. When you get distracted, the thought you focus on goes POOF. If you are quick enough, you can catch it.

We constantly lose something. Where are my keys? Where is screwdriver? Dude, where is my car? Just look at how many people lose their pennies on the ground (maybe I’m just lucky). It’s even possible to lose our sanity.

What if we lose stuff because we don’t need them? That thingy has feels in its little heart. It knows you don’t need it anymore. So it goes away. Finds different home. Goodbye little thingy. It could be an interesting thought experiment. We tend to separate who is alive and who is not. What if that little key in your pocket is alive? Think about it. When you unintentionally upset it it goes away. Hides from you.

I have a feeling that lately these posts are becoming shorter and more nonsensical. I apologize. At least when I’ll look back I’ll know where my mind was spreading itself thin. If it’s even possible for a non-tangible energy.

Logically I should take a break. Can’t do that. This is a challenge. Write everyday for a year. Writing is not hard. Focusing and collecting thoughts, that’s the real challenge. Presently my mind is thinking at least about five different things. It happens in different volumes. Presently this post is the loudest. Other thoughts are much more subtle, but they are present.

As soon as I’ll let this post go, the next one will take the stage. Then the next one. And so on. Too much priorities? Possible. Mind is busy, but not productive. Every thought wants to be first.

Stay frosty.