The mind of the successful

No secrets here. Just the good ol’ ponderin’.

What creates a successful life? For one person it might be gazillion figures in the bank account. Shh… it’s a bad idea to keep all money in one place, and should keep it liquid. For someone else successful life means reaching enlightenment. Shh… you’ll never reach enlightenment by searching it, you are already enlightened, thus there is nothing to enlighten. Or you have bought/won six cows. This is all you need to be happy. Maybe you just need to jump in the puddle and it’s the best thing that can ever happen.

Successful life means different things for different people. It’s also a changeable constant. Ten years ago you had a different view of a successful life. Now this view has changed. Ten years ago I had no definition for a successful life. I didn’t know what does it mean to be successful. If we look even further back, as a kid I didn’t even thought about it. Today I see children trying to be successful business owners at the of age ten. Probably a slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth. The world is changing fast, and we can’t keep up. That’s why we are stuck with a five hundred year old thinking patterns. Small percentage that actually sees the changing world are called strange, lucky or in worse words. Would you call these crazy innovative and rich people successful?

If you want see yourself in a place of Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos, then, yes, in your eyes these people are successful. But do you know their definition of success for themselves? It’s probably written somewhere in the internet space. If it’s not, I’ll be quite surprised and tempted to ask them this question myself.

I think what makes successful people successful is their alignment with their reality. They saw it and found the right building blocks to create it.

What could these building blocks be? A complete understanding of oneself. What one must do to work efficiently. That would mean finding the right diet, working at specific hours, being high for most of the day. Seeing problems in the world. Knowing how to fix them. Seeing loopholes in the system, and using them. This is me guessing what they could be.

My own definition of success is quite abstract. It’s more of a feeling that gets translated when I find the right words or imagery. And that doesn’t happen often. Denial plays a big role too. Acceptance isn’t easy. It mostly comes after I have understood why it must be that way and not the other. It may take years of exploration until I say, “fuck. Fine. This is the way.” I must have a complete acceptance of how I am sculpting myself. It’s ok that I’m being pushed in the 1% of the whole population. That’s where the cool people live anyway. But I feel that I’m drifting to 1% of that 1% (change that 1% to 100%), and I feel that that’s a much weirder place, then we are used to.

It also comes to my mind that this 1% is different for everyone. We are so fascinating and complex beings. It’s a shame we can’t live for more then 200 years. Plus we are staggering our development with outdated thinking and stupidity that comes with it.

Building blocks of the success is an abstract. It’s individual. No one can give them to you. Yes, you can learn from others, but you must also be conscious that they are sharing their experience. They are sharing what worked for them. Anyone that insists their way is the only way is a fool.

The more you learn the more you see how every knowledge contradicts each other. That’s why there is so much conflict. And that’s why sometimes it’s easier to stay silent.

A penny for your thoughts