The right choice

Is there such thing as the right choice?

Every day we are making decisions. Choosing this or that. How many times we make the wrong choice?

When the choice is made, it can’t be undone. Ok, it can. However, we can’t turn the time back. Thus the first decision will linger around. It will sit in the shadow, silent but unforgotten. In fact, you are not undoing the choice. You are rearranging the order. For example, there are two doors. I choose the left one and it is a dead end. I return and choose the right door. Which ends up being right. Did I undo my previous choice?

I returned to the starting point with a knowledge that the left door is a dead end. If I would be undoing my choice, I wouldn’t have this knowledge. Could we say that choices can’t be undone, after all?

After the choice is made we must live with it. The ripple in the reality has been created. How can we tell that it was a right choice?

We look at the results. Are these the results we desired? Or our choice created something else? Is it a success or is it a failure?

To know the result the choice must be put in action. It is not enough to have it in the mind. Unless your visualization skills are out of this world. Nikola Tesla was capable of creating a machine in his mind, start it, and after a month see the precise details of wear and tear. Amazing.

For the mortals, action is required to see if our choice leads to our goal.

This is a feedback loop. We make a decision. See if it leads to the desired outcome. Yes, we move forward. No, we make another decision.

Any choice we make leads to an outcome. Is it correct to separate choices in the right or wrong? There is only one choice. Your choice. The decision you made was made by you.

It might’ve been influenced by external forces. Advertisements, other people, magicians and their tricks. Where does influence and your own decisions begin? Where do they blend together?

Are you aware of how you make your choices? From past experiences, influenced by other people, or you simply dive into the unknown?

The world is so big that choices we make repeat themselves. Let’s say you are looking to skydive for the first time. There have been thousands of people before you who made the same choices. Either to jump or not to jump.

Though, there is a thing. When you are reading about their choices and experiences, you are influencing yourself by their point of view.

If you choose not to jump, is it your choice? Is it the wrong choice?

Just imagine how many unconscious choices we make every day. When we are living in a routine, our choices are pre-made. We don’t think about them.

Decision fatigue is real. Should we spend time and energy pondering which choice is the right one? Make the decision and see if it was the right one.

Of course there are intricacies. Is this decision costly? Is this choice safe? And gazillion more.

At the very basic level there is only one choice. Your choice. Not the right or wrong. Simply your choice.