The saddest pretzels

What is this life? Alone roaming the land I am. In search for new theories. A scavenger reduced I am to. Such a weird thing to about complain. I’ve been a scavenger for my whole life. This is nothing new. Get a grip.

I’ve been in this town for weeks. Maybe few hours. Possibly few minutes.

It seems that I arrived when marshmallow bunnies left. Fresh jelly beans among bloody carnage and destruction. The reek of death. Jelly beans resist I must.

Dehydrated I break into houses. I feel the guilt, but town is empty. This belongs to no one. Does it mean I am the owner of new?

My mind is scrambled eggs. I hardly think. Struggle to decipher my own thoughts. Nothing new, still unpleasant. Proper food and drink will fix this mind of state.

Should I spend a night here? With town such empty, I could spends weeks, months, a year with a stretch. That’s what I should do.

I am alone, after all.

Decided that is. I’ll seek my peace in this town. What was theirs, now is mine. Life is great between unreasonable events that ebb and flow like waves.

Ah, food. Finally.