Things that vibe with you

Do them. Pursue them. Vibe with them together in an underwear.

These are the things you are supposed to do. Positive things of course. Negative vibes are the opposite of cool. So don’t be a fool.

If you don’t feel the vibe, listen more carefully. It is the little nudge inside of you. Feel the warmness of the vibe. It will guide you.

When it begins to feel cold or unpleasant, you have gone off road. Return to the warm vibe, dude.

Not everything will vibe with us. That is how preferences roll. All animals have preferences. We are not an exception.

It is possible to ignore things that vibe with us, however you will be unhappy not knowing why. ‘Why’ is simple. You are vibing with the wrong things.

If you feel empty, you are vibing with wrong things.

If nothing goes as you want to, you are vibing with wrong things.

When you vibe with the right things, you feel great. Life becomes awesome. You become unstoppable and the world bends to your will and domination.

There is this one little thing, though. To find things that vibe with you, you must grow. You must learn about yourself and the world. Be open and you will feel the vibe going through you.

Follow its guidance and find what you seek.