This is not what you want

It is a revelation. A final stop where you find out that you can do better.

In a way it becomes a new struggle. “Ok. I can do better. So, what happens now?” You find a way to do better. It is easy if you have a direction and a guidance.

If you are on your own, you can choose two paths. It is hard and it sucks, or it is a challenge and it is fun. Former mindset is a pain in the butt.

The latter is how you ideally would want to approach it. Of course, even this path is not all rainbows and sunshine. The fun part largely depends on you. Not a surprise here.

When you see that current life doesn’t fit your needs, you go on a quest to change it. Make it as adventurous and fun as possible. You will fail. It is a process of learning.

It might take a long time. Sadly we can’t stop the time flow. Choose your own rhythm. There is no right or wrong speed. There is only your speed. If someone doesn’t like it, well, tell them to stick to their own timespace. Private space is a thing, you know.

If your life is not what you want, you are not chained to it. We live in a 21st century. We have technology to make giant kaiju fights.

Thus we can create the life we want. Doesn’t matter how many attempts it will take.