Thoughts that live in the future

Are they real? Maybe these are thoughts of the past in the future.

That’s a mind-bending idea. Our current actions are thoughts from our future self about his past actions. Does it make sense?

When we remember something we see it in our minds. When that memory happened we didn’t know that we will think about it later. Or that this memory will be remembered at all.

In a sense you can experience this memory as it was. Feel your emotions, surrounding wind, and sounds. All of it is there. That’s how you travel back in time. It’s not like in movies. You don’t travel physically back. No. You travel back in time with emotions and feelings.

At the same time you can do the same to travel to the future. Create a movie or image with your desired future. Use all of your senses. Make it colorful and loud. Be there. Feel it and experience it. Immerse yourself in this movie.

I have done a half-assed version of this. It still worked. Since I didn’t have any specific details, Reality made its own soup. Probably much better than I would’ve made. Maybe it helped that I went through many iterations of this one idea. Thus, with each iteration I reinforced it. And then it happened. Still happening but whatever.

There is one more version to be made. More refined.

How do your see your future self? Mine is in a shadow. With an apple in his hand. A funny guy. I should chisel a proper shape out of that shadow. Since I don’t see him fully I still stumble over my actions.

A note to myself and you: See your future self with as many details you can. Create the best version of yourself. Each day take five minutes to fully visualize him/her. You can do it in the morning or before you fall asleep. Talk to your future self. Hear what he will answer. She might have an advice for you. An idea you wouldn’t have thought yourself. Believe it or not, your future self knows things you do not.

Now excuse me. There is some eating for me to do.