Unhealthy vegan

It is possible. A junk food vegan. A special breed of fake vegan. Overeating monster.

How about a nice pep talk?

If you don’t eat animal products are you automatically a vegan? Veganism is a lifestyle. If you don’t eat animal products, but wear animal skins, you are a person who doesn’t eat animal products.

I’ve been wondering if I can call myself a vegan. I’m not eating animal products. Mostly for health reasons. However I own a leather wallet and leather boots, and leather belt. It’s not much, but it is a skin of a dead animal. The only thing that bugs me is that I don’t know where that leather came from. Otherwise I’m fine with owning leather things. Is it a vegan thing to do?

The other side is how you eat vegan. I can easily see the trap newly baked vegans fall. There are so many vegan products now, it is easy to be a vegan. Yeah right. It’s just an overpriced junk food. I made a clear distinction for myself. True vegan food is fresh veggies and fruits. Other stuff is junk food.

Have I been indulging in junk food lately? Oh, yes.

Let me tell you. You have a whole new world where to experiment, but noooo. Let’s try our best to imitate crappy meat products. Why? Are vegans really missing meat products so much?

I’m grateful for vegan ice cream, though. All I’m missing is vegan cake. Yes, I’m lazy to bake my own. Plus I don’t have an oven.

The so called vegan food is not that different from other foods. It’s just labeled vegan with cosmic prices. I read that it is a vegan tax.

It is still a processed food that is not good for your body. Can you imagine what kind of processes they go through to create a meat-like experience. Can you really call it a vegan food?

My body leans to disagree. It is possible to live on the vegan diet that is crap. You will eat vegan, but you will eat crap.

The balance is the name of the game. The balance between live and dead food. Live all that is fresh. Dead all that is processed. Read it in a book. I kinda agree. That means that baked beans are dead too.

Also you can cheat. Food doesn’t necessarily has to labeled as vegan. Just look at the ingredients. No milk? No eggs? Vegan!

Being a vegan is easy (ish). Being an unhealthy vegan is a piece of cake. Now excuse me, it is time to stabilize my own vegan diet. Foggy mind is not fun.