Unicorn cupcakes

Ok. Hear me out… Ghosts.

Unicorn cupcakes as a bait for ghosts. It is their favorite snack, after all. So, ghosts are invisible. At least that is what we think.

Technically they live in a frequency we can’t see. Just like past and future is in the frequency we can’t access. But that is not important.

Though, this dance of frequency is sort of connected with ghosts. Meaning, ghosts could be echoes of future and the past. Echoes of living beings that is.

That’s right. What you think is a ghost could be an echo of you in the future.

That said, unicorn cupcakes are special. They transcend frequencies. Some say these cupcakes are a singularity of all the frequencies we see and don’t see. It is a debate that has been going on for quite a while now.

I am not ready to take a side yet.

Anyways. All you need to know that unicorn cupcakes can connect you with ghosts. By applying transcendental technology we can create a copy, that is not a copy, in a location of the ghost.

It is a visible unicorn cupcake in a frequency we can’t see.

Usually such information would be kept hidden. However, one of our experiments revealed an impending situation. We are not sure if it comes from the past or the future, or from a completely different direction altogether.

To cut it short, we are in a need of a large amount of unicorn cupcakes. Look around you. If you see a unicorn cupcake in your location, contact us.

After the initial contact will be made, you will be provided with a specific unicorn cupcake recipe.

Please, look around you, and contact us. This time we are really short of time.