Unnecessary helping

Yeah. These people exist. Why do they do this?

Out of their good heart. No, really. According to one such person, he sees himself as a nice guy. Thus, he tries to help whenever he can. He also can’t refuse helping if someone is asking. It doesn’t matter if 90% of time he is unqualified to help.

Don’t be that guy.

This nice guy was the first one I consciously observed. I never thought about him as an isolated thing. It is something to keep in mind. If there is one, there are probably more. Once you are aware of one, you will see more.

I’ve been recently watching twitch streams. These “nice guys” are all over the place. Setting is different, behaviour is the same. Sure, there are streams where helping is allowed, however there are streamers who doesn’t like that. In streams like that, these “nice guys” get exposed.

We all have knowledge about something. Be it a game, or life skills. Does it mean we must go around spitting this knowledge in everyone’s faces? No, no we don’t.

It is even worse if you have no knowledge and you try to help. Like my “nice guy”, he barely has any knowledge about smartphones. Yet he takes them and tries to fix them. Will he fix them? Most likely not.

On twitch, people like to help. Sometimes their helping leads to spoiling the game. If a streamer doesn’t want to be spoiled, then those who are watching are walking through the mine field. Even a seemingly innocent question can be a spoiler.

This is where it gets interesting. We are separating The Real World with Virtual/Internet World. Which is fine, however, are they really that different?

Internet is simply a medium. Like a letter, for example. It is still a real world, just much speedier. Internet exposes people. Those who are nice will be nice. Jerks will still be jerks.

It’s the same with the gun (or any weapon). Gun doesn’t kill people. It has no power on its own. It’s people who are using gun for evil deeds.

Just like internet doesn’t create jerks. It exposes them. Internet, on its own, is powerless.

Using it to help people is awesome. Thousands of people are doing it. Observe the situation, before you jump into helping. Is your helping necessary? Will that person benefit from it?

On the internet we are all experts. Not so much in life. Help when you know how to help, and when the help is asked for. Unnecessary helping can lead to disasters. I think we have enough disasters in the world already, don’t you think?