Upside down cookies

Cats are good at this. Falling on their feet that is.

Imagine humans landing on their feet every time they fall. A miracle. We are good at landing on our butts, though. Cookies, on the other hand, are vertical choppers.

Unpredictable. They have a capability of falling either on the back or the front. I’m not super knowledgeable in cookie physics.

Would they prefer falling on the heavier side?

Of course, I am not saying that there are fat cookies. All cookies are beautiful. Though, they tend to be high in calories. With lots of sugar. Then there are giant cookies. Cookies stacked on top of each other. With something delicious in-between.

A disaster that will send your taste buds among the stars. Evil cookies. Hmm. Sith cookies that live in the upside-down. A world under our own. Identical, yet different. Stranger and weirder. Ruled by something unrecognizable.

When cookie falls on the ground in our world, it also falls in the upside-down. Cookies touch each other creating a dissonance between realities.

And we wonder why weird things happen in our world. This is the answer. Falling cookies.

It is like a drum beat. One is enough to send ripples between realities. One drum beat to make strange things echo behind the veil we can’t see.

I wonder if the same thing happens with breadcrumbs.

Be careful when you eat cookies. Don’t drop them. But if you do, hold your breath. Maybe you’ll hear an echo. An invitation for the cookie monster to arrive.