Waiting for the right opportunity

You must be bathed in Luck. Otherwise you will be old before the right opportunity will find you.

It is said that in these days you must create your own opportunities. They don’t come to you on their own. Though, it changes after a certain point.

But before this certain point, which basically means you being famous/loud enough for opportunities to find you, it is you who must create your own opportunities.

And it requires action. You must do stuff. Without action nothing moves forward. Can we move without using our legs and arms? Yes. We can roll. It is still an action, though. Can a car move without an engine? Only if it is being towed. Can we live without breathing? Yes. As energetical beings in a different dimension. I mean, no. Without breathing, which is action, we will die.

Creation of our own opportunities is doing stuff. Thus, it is an action. When you do stuff, you tell the Reality that you are ready for new opportunities.

As you are moving forward, Reality is thinking, “Hey, he is doing stuff, let’s open some doors for her.” Then you peek in these doors and hooray, it is an opportunity you were waiting for.

If you stand still, Reality doesn’t know which doors to open. Thus doors stay closed. Waiting is being passive. Doing stuff is being active.

The One would advise you to not do random things. Which would mean doing stuff with a precise goal in mind. The One would be right about that. Though, even if you do random stuff, you still can find random opportunities. No one knows where they could lead you.

Waiting for opportunities doesn’t work, because they don’t know you exist. Do stuff to stir up the Heaven. Tell the Gods you exist, so that they shower you with opportunities.