Wandering milkshake

A cosplay I believe. Saw her the other night. It’s her, because I call all milkshakes as she. You feel me?

So I was hungry. Decided to follow her. You know, maybe she got some food. Stealing was in my mind, yeah. Desperation, man.

Followed her for what felt like an eternity. It was a cold night too. People in radio said that coldness comes before bunnies. Sort of like a warning.

Man, they weren’t joking.

Milkshake wandered around the town. I had a feel that she was lost. At one point I slid into a daydream. Bumped into her.

Damn, I thought. Said, “I’m sorry.”

Rough dude’s voice answered, “aight, man.”

I’m like, oh shit. I’ve been tailing a dude this whole time. Doesn’t matter. Was still hungry. “You lost?” I said.

“How’d ya know?”

“Lucky guess I guess.” Almost spat out, I was tailing him for the past two hours.

“Ya know the corner of seven straws?”

Straight to the point. I liked it. “Sure,” I said, “They got food?”


“Sweet.” So now he followed me. “What’s up with milkshake outfit?”

“Borrowed from her. Wild night, you feel me?”

I nodded. Speaks my language. So we walked and chatted till the corner of seven straws loomed out of the shadow. “Never been there,” I said as we stopped. Place looked lifeless.

“It’s an underground palace. You might like it.”

“A cult?”

“Nah, not anymore.” Milkshake hit on the door.

A moment later eye slit in the door opened. “Josie?” Voice of a she echoed through the door.

“She dead.” Milkshake said.

“For fuck sake, Bran. Did she die in – “

“Of course not. Open or not. We hungry.”

Door opened. I followed my new friends. As we entered the palace no one questioned who I was. I got food. Drinks. Her’s danced around me. I lost time.

Passed out. Woke up in shackles.