We are not equal

All of us has limitations. We are different in statuses, our own ambitions. The meaning of equality itself is different to each of us.

Some are more privileged than others. Some lose their privilege at some point in their lives. Others gain it throughout their lives.

Equality might never exist.

We are not puppets carved from the same tree. There are too many of us to create an utopia. The way we think is the way we are raised. It doesn’t end. It just goes forward.

To be equal we must create a society that takes away our individuality. We like our individuality, don’t we? Who are we without it?

Could we even live in a world where everything is equal? There would be no rich, no poor. Everything costs the same. Everyone is treated the same.

Of course we want that. However, is that kind of world sustainable?

In such world complaints would be inevitable. “Are you saying Mona Lisa costs the same as glass of water?” Any little deviation on the scale of equality will create a chaos.

We are preaching the equality, but is it something we want? Have we thought of implications it would bring? Equality requires sacrifices we are not ready to make.

As much as we would like to, we are not equal.