We are prisoners of our knowledge

It’s a random thought that I wrote as a tweet. Where did it come from? What does it mean?

During the day I have many random thoughts. Just like everyone else and their neighbor. Very rarely I have an urge to put them in an open space. Like twitter for example. This time I had to stop and write it out.

Where did it come from? From the cookie monster on the dark side. That feels appropriate.

What does it mean? Well, let’s figure it out.

Knowledge is our accumulated experience, information, skills. We know what we know. We do what we know. What we do when we don’t know something? Our options are to do nothing, to learn what we don’t know, to find someone who knows and let him do it. Ah, but last one is a skill on it’s own. A skill of delegation. How comfortable are you to delegate your tasks? I would need to practice it. For one, I like to do things on my own, and I have trust issues (a little tiny bit).

After I tweeted that thought, for a moment I saw people as little pockets of information. Everyone knows what they know, and nothing else. And that’s how they see the world. Through their knowledge cell. That’s how misunderstandings happen. Two people speak in different languages. They speak and think through their knowledge. Can you think about something you don’t know? Fireman use much different language then doctors. Each of them notice things other wouldn’t see. Business people think differently than employees. Trying to shift into business thinking is not that hard. Said no one.

Our knowledge creates walls around us. Or a one-way highway. I’ve noticed that people who now little say they know a lot. People who know a lot, say they know nothing. People with low self-esteem always know nothing (that’s my in-head humor).

Is it possible to be free from this prison? Only if you truly know nothing. Otherwise, you can only expand your walls. Make them transparent and thin to be able to see through. What’s on the other side you might ask. More information. There is no other side. Only a never ending ocean of information. To much for our super brains to collect.

So, tell me, did we figured it out or we just made it more complicated?

A penny for your thoughts