Weeping giant

Why is giant weeping? He is tied to a little tree. Giant sees the world beyond the horizon. He wishes to travel there, but he can’t. He is tied to a little tree.

You see, when he was little he was caught by small humans. They found him alone in the field of roses. No mum or dad around. Completely alone.

Small humans tricked him and tied to a big tree. Seeing the injustice, little giant tried to get away. The rope, he was tied with, was strong. In his mind it was a magical rope. The tree was old and fat, and strong. No kicking or punching moved it.

Little giant was convinced that he will spend his entire life here.

Small humans used him as an entertainment. “Come, feast your eyes on the Giant baby.” “Come see the Giant’s child.” “Only tonight the young Giant will perform the disappearing act.” Opportunity of the lifetime. The Giant among us.”

They traveled all over the country. Every night small humans tied the giant to the tree. Giant didn’t protest. There was no use. The rope was magical. Trees were unbreakable.

You might be wondering, if he was the only giant in the country. We don’t know. Despite his picture all over the country, his parents never came looking for him.

Giant, towering the biggest building in the country, watched the horizon and wept.

Small humans tied him to the tree and left. As he grew bigger and bigger, he became troublesome. Money they earned was spent feeding him. Too much money was spent feeding him. Less money stayed for themselves. Giant became a burden. So they tied him to the tree and left.

Giant has been sitting beside this tree for months. A little known fact about giants, they can live without food for many months. Water he drunk from the rain and morning dew.

Village people, once mesmerized by him, avoided the tied giant.

At first Giant thought that this will be a new trick. Later he became sad. Lonely. He knew that anger was futile, so he wept. Silently to himself.

A year passed. Villagers now called him the Weeping Giant. Once an old lady put food at his feet. Soon others followed. No one talked to him. Until one day.

A small girl sat in front of the Weeping Giant. “Why don’t you walk away?” She said.

“I’m tied to a tree with a magical rope.” Giant answered.

Small girl walked around the Weeping Giant. “It doesn’t look like a magical rope.”

“When I was little I tried every trick to get rid of it. I couldn’t.”

“Have you tried the same while being big?”

“It’s no use. The rope is magical.”

“Prove it.” Small girl put hands on her hips.

Giant sighed. Stood up. Small girl motioned him to move. Weeping Giant stepped forward. Rope snapped.

Small girl cheered. Weeping Giant looked astounded. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Come,” small girl said, “I’m having a tea party and you are an invited guest.”