What does it take to change our lives?

You must want that change. It’s not enough to say, “From this day on, I’ll be a changed person.” And two days later you are back where you started.

Comfortable life is a trap, especially if in the back of your mind you are craving to change. This craving can and will disrupt comfortable life without your direct control. You may not even notice it.

Direction is important. Wanting a change, but not knowing what kind of change is recipe for a disaster. When I was twenty two I knew that I had to do something if I wanted to fix my life. But I had no idea what I wanted or how to get from A to B. There was no one to help me. Information was scarce. First couple years I was dancing in circles. Tried to find the right direction in a complete darkness. There are fake directions too, you know. At one point you might think that you’ve found your place. You have lived there for a while, then, boom, craving for change is back. And again you are at the square one. But this time you might have a much clearer vision of your destination.

Or you know where you want to be. You see it clearly. You can almost touch it. But you also know that you are not ready to step in this new life. And once again you are lost.

On paper, change is easy. Too simple I would say. That change is one step away. And then another, and another. Hey, look, you are running. And we wake up.

Why is it so hard to do it in real life? It really isn’t. We just have a butt-load of excuses and then we die. So much of our life depends on our own minds. How well we are controlling it. Are we even in control? Are you a playable character or an npc?

What does it take to change our lives? As I see it, a complete manual override of ourselves. There is no other way. Either you flow leisurely through the life, or you take control and steer the reality in the direction you want.

Both of these options are as easy or hard as you make them. Resistance can be felt in both. Pressure can be felt in both. It’s on you to choose how to react.

The fun part of this life is to discover how we function. Not we as meat sticks on the planet, but we as an individual. Each of us sees the world differently. It took me a while to actually grasp this concept. And even longer to accept it. No one thinks like you or me. Even if we have similar tastes and similar perspective of life, I’ll bet you a jar of ocean air that we still see the life differently. It’s you who is creating reality in front of you. You and no one else. If you see it and accept it, congratulations, you have found the manual switch.

A penny for your thoughts