What is the answer when you want to do everything?


Can you bake zombie cakes? Yes.

Can you knit socks for kittens? Yes.

Can you start a band in apocalyptic wasteland? Yes.

Can you sit on a Hawaii beach and count waves? Yes.

Can you be a vampire? Yes.

The answer is always Yes.

I find it fascinating when people can settle on doing one thing only. Once I thought that I could play games for the whole life. Nop. After six months I was done. This behavior extends to almost every aspect of my life. And I have not a slightest clue where it began.

You see, I grew up in an environment where everyone was working in their one profession for their whole lives. There were no people with business thinking around me. Thus, I grew up with the idea that I must work in a profession I learned in school. I failed at that. It was impossible to get a job as a cook, fresh out of the school. I couldn’t get a job as a waiter either. Not a single person wanted to take a guy who was stuttering like possessed. Can’t blame them. It was pretty bad. I mean, really bad. With my anxiety and fear of people, my stuttering was horrendous.

No one explicitly said to me, “hey, listen, it’s ok to try other jobs.” I felt as a failure, so I hunkered down in my room for two years. Granted I told no one about my anxieties and fear of people. Can you imagine a twenty year old who is physically afraid of people? Not a pretty sight.

In this world you can do anything you want. Especially in the age like this. Parents should encourage and support their kids to experience as many things they can. When they are twenty they should be comfortable with failure and success. I would say that’s why parents are parents. To guide the young life on their own path, not to push their own values and failed dreams on them.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. If you want to go skydiving, go and do it. If you just reached ninety years and you want to play video games, go for it. I have heard so many times that games are only for kids. Bullocks. Browse through the twitch. People are thriving on video games.

I grew up hearing all around me that art doesn’t pay. It’s a waste of time. My mom grew up listening that reading is bad, photography is useless. This is damaging beyond the belief.

While in other places in the world people were doing all these things; they were totally fine. I had no information about that. Good lord, I used computer that was not mine for games and porn (aka images of naked women). I don’t think I had access to a “real” porn some twenty years ago. It’s fascinating. When I look back, up to twenty two, computer was useful for games and completely irrelevant things. Now I’m reading that people used computers for business when I was just a baby.

In these days there is no excuse not to try things. Stay away from naysayers. There is information overload out there. Use it to discover yourself. Internet is a wonderful place. If you live in a place where people are out of their minds with their thinking, use internet to find others who think like you. At least similar. You’ll be surprised to find that no one thinks like you. Despite the compatibility of 99%.

Allow me to give you a perspective check. I am currently thirty two, and I don’t feel I have began to live yet. You might be ten, fifteen, twenty. No where near my age. Use it to experience life. Fail as much as you can. Learn to love it so much that word ceases to exist. Failing is learning and growing.

Do everything you find fascinating. The answer is always YES.

2 thoughts on “What is the answer when you want to do everything?”

  1. Again a wonderful read that too highly motivational…loved the way how you made your personal experience a base for this write-up…also you never cease to amaze me with your sense of humor 🙂

    • I think you are my secret reader. Personal experience is all I have, so I better let it out. It is fascinating how blind I am to my own humor. What would I without people like you who keep reminding me that I am funny? Such is life.


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