What to write when there is nothing to write

A perfect post when brain refuses to cooperate. I finished a secret post, so I think my post writing volume is one per day. Is it possible to increase it? Next month I should try writing two posts in a day. That could unlock some secret doors. It’s not a writer’s block, by the way.

Speaking of writer’s block. It doesn’t exist. You are experiencing a conflict between where you think you want your story/post to go, and where it should go. It’s a battle between conscious mind and subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is the smart one. It knows your story, your world, your characters, and it knows how to spit out a random post like this one. When you consciously thinking want to go somewhere where you shouldn’t, subconscious mind pulls emergency brakes. Because it knows better.

When you are stuck, take a break. Do something completely unrelated. Then come back and read until the point where you got stuck. Forget where you wanted to go. Start exploring other ways where story could go. When the right path is found you will know, because you won’t stop writing.

Writer’s block doesn’t exist. You are welcome.

I really wonder if I’m able write for one full day. What would I need for that to work? To be completely alone. No distractions. No internet. No phone. Clear head. Some food. Maybe snacks. Water. A place near natural underground water stream. Yes, please. Music. A specific playlist. Most likely very loud. No games. That would be a doom. Full unlock of insanity. A pull-up bar. Not a bad thought. I can visualize myself pacing in a room (or little cottage). Pull-up bar could be pretty useful. If I’m completely immersed I might even act through the scenes. It means Big space is needed. I think Neil Gaiman had a little house in the middle of the woods. That would be cool. Fresh air plus animals and birds. No five hour walks, though, way too long. Weed. Quite a lot. Hell to the yeah. That would open Haruki Murakami’s brain. Dang it. Now I can visualize it, and I want it. Reality, give me my special writing place.

Now it’s your turn to visualize your special writing place.

It’s fascinating. When conscious mind has nothing to say, subconscious mind steps in cracking knuckles, “step aside, kid, I’ll show you how it’s done.” And it works. Every single time. In a sense you could call it automatic writing, though, I think that in this case intention is a little bit different. That’s where I’m trying to get. Not to write for myself, but to you, dear reader. Writing for myself would be journaling. Still need to figure out when I’ll do a deep dive in journaling. Probably when I’ll be able to afford a proper sketch book. When I tried journaling for the first few times I found that writing with hand is more intimate. It’s a different feeling and quality. That’s also an advice. When you have nothing to write, do a journaling session. Find out why you have nothing to write.

Did you know that our bodies has memories going back millions of years ago. Not even our subconscious has access to that. And our heart is the first responder to positive and negative occurrences. At least five minutes before it happens. Heart is faster than brain. It is so, because heart produces electromagnetic field about sixty times greater in amplitude that the electrical activity generated by the brain. It’s amazing. I’ve actually felt it numerous times. One especially stuck in the mind. I was walking and listening to music. When I wanted to cross the street, body stopped on its own. Only then I turned the head and saw a car turning in. If I would’ve kept going, there would’ve been an accident. Trust your heart, ladies and gentleman.

And with that, I’m signing off.

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  1. Loving your posts.. thank you so much for this….the ninja in you is showing…turning to Jedi…saving this for reading again…❣️❣️❣️


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