When it fits it sits

Muahahaha. Let the novel writing begin.

Yeah, I know it’s like ten days in already. Ten days I shaped the world. And now the story presented itself. Gosh, I’m slower than God.

Obviously it is still the first draft. Which means it will not be pretty. However there is this breaking point where random pieces finally fit together. Which also means that words actually are starting to flow.

It also happens with real life situations. Seemingly unrelated things at some point will make sense. Sometimes I can only guess why I feel the need to do this or that.

For example I have no idea why I suddenly wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo. Not to mention specifically in this year. When all of this will be over and I will have a finished novel (la) in front of my eyes, maybe then I will know what pushed me to do this.

It often feels that life is chaotic. Nothing makes sense. Nothing happens as it should. Life has its own order. I doubt we even understand it. At least not from our current position. Which would be from this 3D reality we are living in.

Everyday we are trying to understand how this world works. Yet the more knowledge we find the more questions we must ask. Most likely the questions are never-ending.

And it is not only about the Universe or about our planet. It is enough to search for missing pieces within oneself. Oh, you think you have no missing pieces? Look again. Are you sure there is no one nibbling on your flesh and internal organs? Alright, alright, you are fine as you are.

How many questions can you answer about yourself?

Just like stories are built from separates pieces, so is life. However we have more control over the stories we write. There are more flexibility. You can look farther in the future. You can create the past you want. You can rearrange pieces as you see fit. Stories can be molded in structure. Can life fit in the structure?

I’m trying (combining with other structures) a Super Structure from James Scott Bell. There are five “tent poles”. Five beats of the story that carry the whole story. Other signposts should fall in their respective places organically. His structure has 14 signposts in total.

In a way it reminds me goal setting. You choose goals and then do your best to reach them. You can reach them or you can fail to reach them. In any case it’s your decisions that move you forward. If you listen to the Reality it becomes a cooperation. Things inbetween the time you set your goal and reach it are filled with random or not so random happenings.

Compared with plot points in a novel, goals are signposts. Something to aim at to avoid walking in the darkness. It also tells that goals are not the ending. Just a beacon. If you don’t reach it observe what have you learned while pursuing this goal. You can always learn something. And see if you can transfer these new skills to other goal pursuits.

Life seemingly chaotic has its own order. Can we see it? Can we understand it? I don’t know. What I know is that random pieces always find their place.