When limit is not a limit

Limit is either an end, or something you can push through.

Just like every other word, ‘Limit’ is man made. It is an end of one capabilities. That is how fast this runner can run. The size of the glass is the limit of how much you can put in it.

And yet, when water has reached the limit of the glass, it will find another way. When flowing water meets mountain it doesn’t wait for it move. It finds another way.

Limit is not an end. It is an opportunity to search for a different path.

We reach our limits if we listen to our conscious mind. It likes to whine. When you do your five push ups it starts to protest, “The pain. It is our limit. Stop. If you love me, Stop.” And so you stop. It hurts, you know.

It stops you way before your true limits. When your mind says to stop, you are only at 40% of what you are capable of.

Most of the time our limits are self-imposed. So it raises a question, are we really pushing through the limits? What if we are pushing through our self-imposed limits?

Is pushing the right word? To push means to use a certain amount of strength. Pushing makes you tired. There is a resistance.

I am lazy and magic is fun. How about ‘Dissolving limits’? It sounds much easier. Easier doesn’t necessarily mean less complicated. Chemical processes can become very complicated. Your inner alchemy can’t fit into one glass tube.

In a way, ‘limit’ is not tangible. There is nothing to push through. That is, when we talk about inner limits. If you have a real cement wall in front of you, you better use every ounce of strength you have.

Dissolving limits is much pleasant to the ear. Visually it could look like a spiderweb. Easy to push your hand through. Sorry spiders.

Limit as an opportunity is a valuable resource. It can show you other options you would otherwise miss. A different viewpoint of the same situation.

Next time you reach a limit, take a step back. Ask yourself, is this a real limit? Are there other paths to take?

When limit is not a limit it is an illusion. Like a pond in a desert. A mirage that hides your true potential. Find the wizard and discover what you really are capable of.