Where ze fun lives

In this Universe obviously. Just look at the stars and the moon. Stratosphere and atmosphere. Down below in flowers and trees. Even under our feet, between layers of earth, we can find extraordinary things.

Ze fun is all around us.

However there is a thing. Without Ze fun inside of you, everything outside of you will be ugly. Joy can come only from one place. You.

And then there are we. Eight billion somethings. Individual souls with vastly different interpretations of Ze fun. We taste life in so many ways and layers, that the world around us is shaped by how we perceive it.

Thus it easy to miss Ze fun.

What can we do? Follow your interests. It is an easy yet hard answer in this wild wild world. Ze fun can’t co-exist with its cousin Boring.

If Boring is with you, Ze fun is not there. So what else can you do but follow your interests? They are like food for Ze fun.

And you want Ze fun fat and happy. Because that is the best Ze fun.

So, as it happens, you don’t search Ze fun. It lives in whatever you find interesting. Ze fun is like a marshmallow bunnies. They are everywhere, but you can’t see them.

And then they pop out and life becomes awesome.