Why do you live?

Can you answer this question?

At some point in your life you will die. Your fabulous and intricate system will stop working. Body will begin to rot (you will not feel it). Isn’t it fascinating how fast body begins putrefaction stage. First signs of discoloration appear on the second day. Can you feel that Halloween is coming?

Why are you here? From what I have read, and what has stuck, it is us who chose to incarnate on this world. No one is forcing us to do it. Well, maybe curiosity. We choose our parents and the place where we will be born. Of course, we forget that.

I understand why we forget. Still it is annoying. Every single time you incarnate you must learn basics again. That’s how we play this game. I wonder how many people repeat the same cycle over and over. Searching for spirituality, for example. You already are spiritual. There is nothing to seek.

Other people have different goals. Many don’t remember them. They just live through this life as best they can.

You are here to experience this life. To experience something specific. To be a lover, a murderer, a champion. It is not set in stone that you will experience it. Life is mysterious.

When you are here, living your life, do you ask yourself why do you live? It is not why do I do what I do? Or, why does this or that happens to me?

Why do you live? Why do you wake up every morning and decide to breathe? Why do you choose to be happy or miserable?

It is a simple question. Right? Right? I wonder if it’s possible to answer it without keeping your own death in mind.

Death is an unknown variable (unless you have found out it in some way). Yet it creates a timeline. A box where you live in. We tend to forget that there is an end. Our time is finite here. When we are born, we pop in in the moving world.

For a time being we are moving alongside this world. What do we do with our time? We learn and work. Earlier people hunted. We are still trying to survive, because we like to live. Time doesn’t wait for us, nor it is rushing us. It just is. We entered its domain, not the other way around. We are standing in its stream that has been flowing for billions of years.

Are we wasting time, who is not rushing? Or we are wasting our allotted life, which is finite?

Why do you live? Ponder about it.