Why haven’t you changed yet?

There could be many reasons for it. The simplest one is that you don’t want to change. Even if you crave the change, you feel comfortable in your current situation.

You are surrounded by excuses that make sense to you. Others might roll their eyes, but your excuses are the truth. Let’s say you work through your excuses. You get rid of them. Is it enough to change?

New excuses are easy to find. You don’t even need to search for them. When you need new excuses, it is like stepping into a candy store. You have so many choices. Pick one. Maybe two. Take as many as you want.

As long as you use excuses as your reason not to change, you will not change.

It is so easy to think, how and when you will do this or that. It is a little bit harder to actually move closer to these goals. When you have eliminated everything that stands in your way, you are ready to change. This change is so close. There is nothing and no one to pull you away. And yet you find another excuse. Why?

Because you don’t want to change.

Dreaming is easy. Spitting out ideas is easy. Thinking about better future is a child’s play. Reaching your destination might be harder, yet it is doable. To step into the change is harder.

It means leaving your old world behind. That is no easy task. The bigger the change is, the harder it can be. Can you handle such a drastic shift in your life?

If the answer is yes, you will step forward. If the answer is no, you will step back. You will need a time to ponder about it. Maybe there is another way.

You are ready for a change, however your own doubts stop you.

Work through them. Find everything that stops you from embracing this change. It might take years. You could even fall into loops of overthinking and overanalysing. Once you think you are ready, look at your change again. Is it still relevant? Do you still want it? Do you still need it?

However the easiest way is the scariest way. Don’t think. Just step into your change and don’t look back. You worked for it after all. It’s a change you needed. It is yours.

There is a balance between stepping forward and stepping back. Only you know how to reach it. Thus, trust your intuition.