Why is it so hard to be … You?

Judgment. Oh look, shiny.

Do you know who you are? You without labels. Without religious, spiritual, science-y guesses. Who are you really?

All around us people are telling us who we are. You are a boy. You are daughter. You are stupid. You are rich. You are Leo. You are an introvert. You are old.

We believe them. Why wouldn’t we? They know what they are saying. It must be true. Through many generations we have been drilled in our places. So we teach it to our kids and grand kids.

It’s not who I am. What’s that? Did I hear it right? How dare you? Now we are rebels. Ungrateful for their teachings. We are breaking the cycle. What happens when lessons are refused? The real search begins. The real questions are asked. The real answers are received. Well, maybe not.

Honest self-expression is hard. There are blocks, limiting beliefs. No freedom of thought. No motivation to keep going.

Do you need to go somewhere to find the real you? Where does the real you live? To find ourselves we read ancient wisdom. We meditate for hours. Spend our money for knowledge we hope will put us on the right path. On your journey you find revelations and truths. You nod and cheer. Each day you are closer to finding who you are.

Are you? Really? Can you find yourself by listening what other people are saying you are supposed to be? I understand that what you are hearing resonates with you. The path you have chosen has led you to people with similar thoughts. It is great to find out that you are not alone. But it is not really helpful, isn’t it? Even they are asking to themselves who they are. They have their own doubts and fears.

To be You means to be unapologetically You. No apologies, excuses, no fear. To be in full exploration and discovery mode. Say what you mean. Do what you want. Live your life on your terms. It is impossible, you will say. I say it is impossible to stand on your head without assistance. I’ve seen people do that. Go figure.

Am I qualified to tell you to be You, because I am 100% me? Absolutely not. I’m still working on it. What’s there to work on? Perfect question. It is still just an excuse.

Thus me being me I have a question of my own. Are you are a growth-oriented weirdo? Are you searching for the right community to fit in? I am in a search of my own tribe. Scratch that. I can’t find the right tribe. That’s why I’m building my own. Through a curated newsletter for growth-oriented weirdos. This is the waiting list. You can’t be the first one anymore. Sorry. That spot is already taken.

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