Why Raijori?

I don't know if someone will ask this question but I want to answer it anyway.

Raijori as a word didn't exist at all, until I created it when I was twenty(ish). At that time search results on the internet showed zero results for this word. My goal was to create a name that didn't exist. I wanted to have a unique name which I could use for online games. Very noble goal. It took a while, but I obviously succeeded. Before I put it in a treasure chest I used it in few games and for a Youtube account (Once I wished to be a famous amv creator). Then I thought that I was wasting my precious. Can you believe it?

Originally I hoped to hide behind this name, to be someone else. That was time when I didn't liked myself much. Raijori was meant to be my artist persona. Someone awesome. Total opposite of me. That worked out great. Thanks my low self-esteem. Raijori was a failure. So I put it away.

Years went on. Life did the same. I did some growing too. Decided to be more social. On instagram. New account needed a name. I had a choice to make. My real name or something else. Lots of thinking followed. Lots of future thinking/dreaming. Was this the right time to revive Raijori? Yes. Kind of. Maybe. My real name is a little bit tricky.

Tiny bit about it:

My parents named me Artis. A great name. Totally normal for Latvian. It works great within borders of Latvia. Outside these borders, not so much.

Look at this...

Artis is only a base form for my name. Think as a Latvian now.

  • - If you call me from the distance you should yell “Arti”.
  • - If you give someone a letter addressed to me, you should use “Artim”.
  • - And if you say that something belongs to me, then depending on a sentence you could use “Artim” or “Arta”. Oh...and Arta is also a female name with forms on its own.

Non-Latvians will always use “Artis”. That sounds wrong for my poor Latvian ears.

A solution exists. Good English speaking people has a name “Artie”. It's basically the same name without multiple forms.

Great. I don't like how it flows with my surname. And I can't use it for super important stuff. Not exactly my legal name, you know. But it's a really great name to introduce myself with.

Raijori had to be revived. Good thing that I didn't forget about it. Fine. I forgot about it for four(ish) years. But I remembered it.

A glorious revival. With one caveat. I couldn't use it for dumb things. It had to meaningful.

I adopted it as my unofficial middle name. A nickname. Also author's name.

Is Raijori only a name? It's me. My identity. It might grow into a brand one day.

What does Raijori mean? Originally there was no meaning for this word. There still isn't a clear meaning. I know it sounds Indian. Didn't expect that. Meaning will come. Some day.

Stay tuned.