Will you be remembered?

One truly dies only then when the last memory cease to exist. If no one remembers you, there is nothing left. It seems that in these days every second neighbour wants to be rich and famous.

Because that’s how cool people live, okay. You must be known to succeed. You must join the ranks of influencers to be cool. Obviously it is best if you have big boobs and camera pointing right at them. Or you know, be a Deadpool. In real life. Gosh, he was born to be a Deadpool.

Just one question. You, that big boob girl, suddenly died. Make a guess, how long it will take to forget you? Also I’m sorry that I’m using big boobs as an example. Feel free to replace them with whatever you think will be forgotten t-minus yesterday after they’ll die.

How many people will keep you alive in their memories?

It is sort of true that big following will keep your memory longer alive. However, to be remembered for a long time you must create extraordinary things that are also timeless.

Would it be a long-shot to say that we tend to live for a short-term gain? We are not living to create something to leave behind us. We are simply living for a selfish purposes. Which is completely fine, because not everyone wants to be remembered.

Every day people die. They are nameless. Unknown to the rest of the world. We don’t know how they lived or what they did while being alive.

We are focused on what people will think about us while we are alive. Have we thought what people will think about us when we are dead?

Do you want to die and leave something behind?

Or do you want to die being unknown?

Imagine that only one person among eight billion remembers you. The last memory of you. When this person dies, you will cease to exist. How does it feel?

After you die you can continue to live through the memory that is passed from generation to generation. You can live through your creations. Artists live through their paintings. Philosophers through their words. Is it something you want to achieve too?

We say that immortality doesn’t exist. It doesn’t, in a form we want it to exist. We can reach immortality by the things we do while we are alive. Even “bad” guys are remembered and talked about. Our memory keeps them alive.

Is it worth to live a life and leave nothing behind?

Once I had a thought to create something for my next reincarnations. Something cryptic only I would know how to decipher. That’s assuming reincarnation exists.

Do you want to be remembered?