Worldbuilding as a social goal

Crazy. To reveal all secrets within the world. It’s madness. With my understanding, worldbuilding most of the time happens behind the closed doors. One builds the world and then through the story takes you for a ride. That is if your goal is to write a novel, a comic, make a game, or a movie.

Building the world out in the open seems counter-intuitive. My first thought is that there will be no surprises left when, let’s say, a novel comes out. If one knows how the world works, will that story be still interesting?

Looking at comic and book adaption to movies there are plenty of people watching them. Sure, not everyone knows the deepest of lores. And movies are a completely different medium. Yet the world is known. Star wars. There is so much information that it’s almost impossible to know it all. What is left when the world is known? Stories. Good stories told within this world. I am talking about established properties that are older then me. Plus told in many different mediums. What about newer worlds, like John Wick, for example? They did a really great job of establishing and expanding their world. From books Patrick Rothfuss comes into mind. His world is fun. These are worlds built behind the scenes. Interesting enough to get attention. That’s like winning a lottery.

I am writing from a POV of a guy who has spent most of his life in his own head. Trying to figure out who the hell he is, and what’s wrong with him. A true Unknown. It’s pretty delusional to think that I could put out a novel and expect a success. There are more then enough unknowns that are trying to succeed for much longer then I am.

Question I’ve been asking to myself is, does the worldbuilding behind the doors works for unknowns? And I’m getting an answer that No, it doesn’t work. Why am I getting this answer? Because I’ve been spending too much time on quora and reddit. These places can rip your pink glasses very fast off.

Let’s imagine we have written a novel. We could send it to publishers. They have piles upon piles with novels. Odds to get noticed are nonexistent. We could self publish it. Amazon here we are. Sandwiched between thousands of the same stuff. It’s not even about money. Although, money is great. People won’t even find our book there. Unless, we are expert marketers. And, yes, I know there are people thriving on self published books. It takes blood sacrifices. For one successful book there are thousands unsuccessful.

Thus, from my POV, putting out a book, with a goal that someone will read it, success is zero. It does sound pessimistic, yet it isn’t. It’s liberating. For me this system doesn’t work. You could say that chasing the rabbits doesn’t work.

What are other possibilities?

Take your world and go straight to the people. Throw a party for the rabbits. Create an environment where they desire for you to succeed. Become a rockstar. Allow them to throw panties at you. Build the world right in front of their eyes. At some point they will start to tug your sleeves, “Hey, dude, where is the juice, we need stories, we are craving for them.” This is when you say, “stories are here.” Boom. Success.

A little disclaimer. That’s only a vision. I’m just starting to think that way myself. All the details are super vague.

Hold on

What if they steal my ideas? My hard work will be useless. Ideas are useless. Execution is what matters. Three painters will create three different paintings of the same tree. Just look at GaryVee. He is giving his best advice for free, knowing that only 1% percent will listen to him.

Also, wouldn’t it be great that your idea would spark something greater in someone’s mind?

A penny for your thoughts