Worlds we are not part of

That dog across the street. Ok, maybe you have no desire to live a dog’s life. This world is full with life. And I am not talking about humans.

There are only 8 billion humans on this round ball. If you look around, there are mega-quadrant-gazillion more life forms around you.

And these are worlds we are not part of.

We have five senses. Maybe six. Six ways to perceive this world. To explore it as us. Complex beings that barely understand themselves.

Plants perceive this world differently from us. And so do insects, and animals. Sea creatures and aliens. All of us live on the same planet.

All of us see this world differently.

Even between us, humans, what we see can be wildly different. I bet that I see the world differently than you. My brain is wired differently than yours, after all.

One who is poor thinks differently from a person who is rich. Crazy person sees the world through its own lens. “Normal” person, if such thing exists, is convinced that the world it sees is the real representation of the reality.

Whatever we see through our eyes is a gift from our evolution, social status, our own beliefs.

That is what makes each world unique. However it also means that we are locked into our own perspective. Sure, we can grow and change. After all, as adults we see life differently from ‘mini us’.

And yet we will not experience the life of Adam Sandler, for example. Or Iron man.

In these days we can watch other people and animal lives through the internet. But what exactly you are doing? Are you living their life? Going on adventures as they are? Or maybe you are watching them through a tiny screen (or big-ass flatscreen tv)?

Their life is not yours. Their world is not yours. Exactly the same thing is with people (and other stuff) watching. It is an observation. You are watching them through tiny receptors in your eyes. Not to mention that you are literally seeing with the back of your brain.

We are stuck in our own little worlds. Locked out of every other possible world. Until we’ll have a device that can provide such experience, of course.

It is great, though. Sometimes our own worlds are too much to handle. And what is better, to live in our own worlds or imagine living in other worlds? Asks a dude with fictional worlds in his head.

Anyway. I wonder who is watching us. There is no way that someone isn’t watching us, like we are watching everyone else.