You are capable of great things

It is true. You might not believe it but it’s true.

Do you even know your own potential? I don’t know mine. It is because I triple doubt myself. Not an advisable action.

You can do grand things if you believe in yourself. If you trust yourself. Or if you simply decide to do it. I fixed a washing machine today. And some time ago a toilet. I could’ve asked for help. But where is fun in that? Besides I like to tinker with stuff. As a kid I used to break things apart and put them back together (just a little fun fact).

I didn’t do it because I believed I can do it. I wanted to see if I can do it. Toilet is important. Like very important. Washing machine became important when I was out of underwear and shirts. I’m pretty sure I could build a house too. Just because.

I am capable of things I can’t even imagine. My potential is blocked by my own thoughts and beliefs, and most likely practice.

You are exactly the same. Things you can do. Possibilities that can flourish from your actions. Your potential is limitless. If you think you can’t do something, it is because you are saying so without trying. If you tried but failed, you lack practice or resources. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Do it again with a different approach.

Many paths can lead to one destination. In turn the destination can open many more paths to choose from.

Your potential to do great things is limitless. The stuff you can do is limited only by yourself. I know that you can find the way.