You are in the right place

In this website. Just kidding. Slightly.

In your life. Wherever you are in your life, it is where you are supposed to be at this moment. The way you think. Stuff you do. It is the way.

I’ve come to believe (or understand) that everything happens for a reason. The situations we end in are there for us to experience or learn from them. Either about ourselves or the world around us.

It is also an interesting question. Is someone guiding our fate and destiny, or we create it ourselves? From one perspective our future is already predetermined. People who can communicate with spirits can find out when and how they will die. It really looks like the future is already written. However, the future can change from the actions you make.

Where you are now was created by your past actions. Whatever you are doing in this moment will create your future. I think it is safe to say that living in the past is not a good idea.

You live for the future you. The past is what you have done already. The past led to this moment. It is a great learning tool. To observe what you did to get to this moment.

Many people say to live in the Now. I’m occasionally saying it too. It is where we constantly reside after all. However the Now creates the future. Or should I say the Future Nows. Every living moment is the Now. Ten minutes from this moment will be a different now.

If we want to change the future, what can we do in these ten minutes? Hmm … it might be an interesting experiment/exercise. It just popped in my head, so take it with a grain of salt.

A practice of where you want to be in the future. Let’s take these ten minutes. Where you want to be, or what you want to do ten minutes in the future? What reasonable thing you can do in ten minutes? Or after ten minutes? What future you want to create in/after these ten minutes? What future you want to experience after ten minutes?

If/when you become comfortable with ten minutes, increase it to twenty minutes. Later you can increase it to a year or five years.

Theoretically it could increase your awareness of the time itself. Maybe even your skill of prediction. Ten minutes has a small window for an error. A year has a bigger window. Much more unexpected things can happen during a year.

With this exercise you are creating/predicting/steering your own path. External happenings are out of your control.

Now that I think, this is kind of the same as making a goal for a year, and splitting it in smaller action steps. The same but in reverse. Though, with this you are not exactly making goals. It is more like creating the Future Nows. You are not striving for a specific goal. You are learning to be where you want to be in the future.

I read a book by Joe Vitale where he asked to his teacher, if his older books are useless now. He asked that question, because at the moment of that book his mindset and thinking was much different than before. The teacher answered “No.” His older books were not useless, because there are people who are on the same path as he. And these books can guide them further.

It is interesting. Essentially all of us are living in the same Now. Yet we walk different paths. Some are walking before us, others are walking behind us. The same Now but different realities of it. Where you are now, someone has been there already. Someone has already gone through whatever you are going through. Unless we have a recording, we don’t know if this someone has moved further or stayed in the same Now. You can surpass this someone. Then you can be the guiding light to those behind you. I suppose recording what you are doing is not the worst idea.

Where you are now is a consequence of your past actions. It is ok. This is the Now you are supposed to be in.