You have the power

Of the Universe! There can be only one.

Do we understand what kind of power we possess? Like really, really understand. Through our limitations. Physical and spiritual. We have the power to do anything. And yet we chew on BigMc’s.

Let’s think for a minute. We are born to experience the best place in three dimensions. The earth. This magnificent piece of a ball gave birth to everything there is. Including us. Our consciousness evolved to give us the experience of a lifetime. Not only to live but also to understand. Explore. Discover. The planet and ourselves. We are amazing creatures. In different shapes and sizes. Every single person looks at this world differently. How amazing is that?

We come here with a clean state. A blank page. If we would be born with full knowledge about this world, it would be quite boring. Wouldn’t it? We learn. We forget. We search for something. Sometimes we remember where we came from. Most of the times we don’t. We become so immersed in this world. In this game we play. We die.

The power we have. We don’t fully understand it. The power of our mind. That supercomputer between your ears. It’s a masterpiece. It can be shaped by our will, if we choose to do so. With this supercomputer we can shape the reality we live in. That’s how powerful it is.

We have complete control of our thoughts and actions. When you raise your hand. Who is doing that? You or someone else? When you eat the cake that is forbidden. It is you who is choosing to eat it. Is it not?

You are the only one who has control over your emotions. Yes, you can be influenced. Beaten to submission. Controlled by others. It’s your choice to accept it or not.

Every choice you make is on you. No one else is to blame. Every step you make is your step. You are not a puppet.

You are in complete control of everything that comes from you. Stop worrying about things outside of your control. When you do or think something you create ripples in the reality. Are these positive or negative ripples? Depends on what you do or think. Imagine if every single person would create only positive ripples in the world. How wonderful would that be?

There is a reason why dead people say that to change the world you must start with yourself. It is true. If you understand yourself, you understand nature. If you understand yourself you understand the Universe.

The time comes when every seeker comes to an understanding. There is nothing to search. There is nothing to attain. All that is, is already here. Why do we seek then? Because we are playing a game. And games are boring when they end fast.

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  1. One of your best..this is Jedi in full manifestation..loved reading this one…full of verve… positive vibes…thank you for sharing ❤️❤️


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