You will never know everything

Deal with it. It is a harsh truth of the information. It stings hard for a dude, like me, who wants to know everything.

There is way too much information out there. Without internet it was easy. You knew what people in your little town, or tribe knew.

With internet we have access to the whole world. We can know what people on the other side of the planet know. Not to mention, new discoveries that are made every second. People create stuff constantly. They share it, dilating the pool of information further.

We live in a world where information and knowledge is overwhelming us. It is impossible to know everything. What is possible, is to know a lot.

A lot of what?

The billion coin question. Our minds are fun. What helps us to make sense of all this are our own interests. Despite wanting to know everything, I am not interested in everything.

I’m pretty sure, you are not interested in everything either.

Trying something is a validation of your interest. Some things could keep your interest for longer period of time, some for shorter.

You could try gazillion of things, however you will find that you gravitate toward specific things. Will you become obsessed with it? Maybe. Who knows?

Your interests are a filter that navigates you through the information overload. It helps you to ignore what you don’t need to know.

This life is such, that we can play any role we want. Do we choose the closest (within family or tribe) or we look further (beyond the boundaries we grew up in)? It is up to us.

We also need to remember that our lives are short. I’m pretty sure, it is impossible to read all the books within our lifetime. Not to mention to learn all the skills out there. We simply don’t have enough time.

This is why we have preferences. Which may or may not be real.

Keep this in mind as you surf through the life trying stuff. Your “true” interests will create a cluster. It may take a while for it to form. This is why you search experiences, try stuff out.

When this cluster appears, take your time to look through it. Do these interests resonate with you? Can you create a life around them? Can you expand on them? Can you go deeper with them? Can you spend a lifetime with them?

This cluster is your knowledge and information bubble. With it, you can easily ignore everything else. But where is fun in that?

Keep your bubble transparent, because the rest of the world is still full with wonder.