Your last thought

When thinking happens there must be an ending to it. How do you get there? By having the last thought.

It is a thought that has an answer. A resolution to a thing you tried to figure out. If there is no resolution, thinking can go on forever. Who has time for forever? I’m pretty sure no one.

Thus we need this last thought. To get there you can go straight or you can dance around the bush. Like a savage. Going straight saves time. If only it would happen all the time.

Mostly it is dancing around the bush. Thinking process tends to turn into overthinking process. Overthinking process in turn becomes a mud. When mud happens you get stuck. Overthinking process turns into a loop. Which pretty much means that ideas and thoughts constantly repeat themselves.

One way to break out of the loop is to shift attention to something else. Completely unrelated to your current thinking process. Allow your thoughts to incubate. Return to them later.

Another way is to simply take one of the resolutions you have already figured out. Take one and don’t look back. You will need to choose it randomly and quickly. Otherwise you will stay in the mud loop.

This resolution is your last thought. The ending of your thinking process.

When the ending is reached you can either rest or keep moving forward. Both are good choices. What is interesting, that having a resolution can give you a new spark of energy. Just enough to fuel you for the action.

The last thought is important. Just like every other ending. And what comes after the ending? That’s right. A new beginning.

Finish your thought.