Your worldview makes you blind

Don’t worry. Mine does the same.

Worldview is a term Seth Godin uses to refer to the rules, values, beliefs and biases that an individual consumer brings to a situation.

You could also call it a framework. You live and breathe within your framework. That is how you see the world.

Later he introduces another term ‘Frames’. These are elements of a story painted to leverage the worldview a customer already has. You hang it in a customer’s existing worldview.

He writes about marketing. Though it is applicable everywhere.

You’ve been developing your Worldview since your birth. Groundwork was done by your parents. As you grew you expanded it, changed it. It is the essence of You.

No one can change your worldview. Smart marketers won’t even try to do it. They will infiltrate in your world. They will talk in your language. You will hear what she has to say and you will become a fangirl. You will be powerless.

With your worldview you don’t see what is happening outside. You are focused on your values and beliefs. These different worldviews is a reason for fights, conflicts and wars. We can’t help it. It is in our nature. Our own personal fishbowl.

If you are not aware of your worldview you can be easily manipulated by anyone who can tap into it. I’m not saying that it is only the bad manipulation. Good manipulation also exists.

And even if you are aware you can be manipulated. The only difference is you consciously choose to be manipulated.

People with similar worldviews clump together. That’s how we get cults and sects. Yes, yes, and fans, enthusiasts, tribes. The list can go on. The point is, you are never alone in this world. Unless you are a marshmallow snowflake.

I have developed belief that no one looks at the world the same. Not even within worldview clusters. There are way too many variables. Even a tiny difference can be huge.

Another interesting thing is, the more diverse you worldview is, the more worldviews you belong to.

Guess who can change your worldview. You. As your beliefs and values change, so does your worldview. Another option is to step outside from your worldview. If you can do that, the world will be completely different. Alien I might say.

Now tell me. How many times I used the word worldview?