Zero to six figures

This is not a guide. I repeat, this is not a guide. This, is a beginning of a journey.

How do one gets from zero to six? I’d say luck or hard work. But what counts as a zero? This I think is tricky. If you truly have nothing and you start from the bottom, all weight sits on your mind and willpower, and determination to live a different life. Maybe you have some money, but no connections. Maybe you have connections, but no money. If you have no money and no connections, but you have a wealth of knowledge. Does it still counts as zero?

We all start somewhere. The place you were born, your parents, people around you. All of it shapes your thinking and behavior. You can accept what is fed to you, and you can refuse. When you refuse you are open to seek your own path. In a way by stepping out of the established rules you are starting from zero. You step in a new world, and it’s up to you what will happen.

My zero began after the school. When I was pretty much thrown out in the world. We have taught you nothing useful, go live your life. I could probably argue with myself that my zero actually began much earlier. Birth for example. My perspective of the world was dark. I accepted how I was raised, but subconsciously I felt that we live upside down. As a kid I just went with a flow. But if that flow steers you in a direction you don’t need to go, oh boy, you’ll be lost.

Especially when nothing fits within your own framework. The way you were raised and taught. The way people around you lived and behaved. Things that were expected from you. No access to the information you actually need. No access to people you need. This is my zero. Emptiness and feeling broken.

After the school I tried my best to integrate myself within the world I was expected to function in. It was futile. Like forcing to fit a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong. I didn’t fit with people. I didn’t fit with the world. Broken and useless.

How to repair oneself, when you have no direction? How to mend your broken shell when you are broken yourself? Trial and error. Lots of it. “Fix” yourself. Find yourself. Discover yourself. Learn about yourself. Fail. Start again.

Too bad time doesn’t wait while you play catch up with yourself. And most people don’t care to understand what is going on in your mind. You are smiling, your life must be great. It’s been a while indeed. There are choices to be made. Go where I don’t belong. Leave society behind. Leave the world behind. Well, that’s actually not an option. I made a deal with myself not to kill myself. I’m so comfortable with death that it’s uncanny to some people.

Anyway. I finally accepted that the way I am now will never lead to success. My definition of success that is. Thus, changes must be made. A different direction and approach I must take.

My current zero is this. I don’t have my own money at all. I live on a life support from my mom. Bless her heart. Basic need of food, socks and underwear. I’m pretty much a bum in a good place.

To get where I need to go, business skills are needed. That’s something I never understood, feared and avoided. I wasn’t raised in a business savvy environment. As of now I have barely scratched the surface, but I actually enjoy learning about it.

I have no super duper connections.

My internet is limited.

My laptop is from a stone age.

I have knowledge that is not helpful at the moment. So there is a need to reinvent myself again.

This is where I’m starting. Six figures feels reasonable and achievable. Can I do it? Yeah….pfff….of course. I just need to put ten years of my life aside since it’s not useful at the moment. I must shape myself differently. I must become someone else, something else. Arrow, anyone? No?

It’s all or nothing.

A penny for your thoughts